Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to Add Adsense in Blog Header

Inserting Adsense code in your Blogger header can be really beneficial. When a visitor comes to your site, he or she will definitely look on your header and then it's your turn to cash that first look. Just follow the steps below.

1- Go to "Edit HTML" tab.

2- Click on "Download Full Template" to backup your template.

3- Leave the "Expand Widget Templates" unchecked.

4- Find the code given below. You can find it just after tag.

5- The above code could be a little different but you'll definitely find a similar code in your template.

6- In the above code change maxwidgets="1" to maxwidgets="2". Also change showaddelement="no" to showaddelement="yes" and save your template.

7- Now go to the "Page Elements" tab and there you'll see that you can add another widget in your header.

8- Insert your Adsense code there and make more money.

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Taurus Of Star


  1. great work
    but i need to add the adsense right to title not above it
    is it possible?

    1. Thanks for your information. AdSense is really the best way to earn money online.