Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Add Your Own Favicon (.ico) in Blogger

How to Change favicon in blogger blog

1- Create an image and convert it to a favicon by going to FavIcon Generator or Favicon from pics.

2- Upload your favicon to some image host like PhotoBucket, ImageShack or TinyPic and get the image URL or link.

3- Now log in to Blogger | Dashboard | Layout | Edit HTML and find and place the following code just before tag.

4- Your code should look something like this:

5- Replace YOUR FAVICON URL with the URL of your image and then save your template.

Remember: Ico not upload there. upload here only Gif, Jpg, Jpeg, Png, Bitmap PhotoBucket, ImageShack or TinyPic So add ico from other location, don't worry try like this. my friend blog

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