Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Sketches – Raat ‘Moomal Rano’ Sindhi Song Music

Moomal Rano
The Sketches – RaatMoomal RanoSindhi Language Song, Music
Stills from the song ‘raat” on ‘Moomal Rano’, a folk tale of Sindh from the Album ”Dastkari” by ‘Sketches- The Band’. Sketches-The Band has released its first album Dastkari on February 5,2010 by fire records with the video of Moujood (a message of peace).Videos of Bhool Chukay & Justujoo had been on aired.
Shot in: Thar (Sindh)
Director: Adnan Kandhar
Wardrobe: Najju
Photography: Team- The Sketches

Track 12. (00:05:25) The Sketches - Raat

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