Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to make Money at Text Link Ads

Text links ads (TLA) could give you money too beside Google Adsense. They will pay you for every link you post monthly. If you have no Google Adsense, you may try this program too. Perhaps you will get money from this site. Goggle will not ban your account because TLA is different with Adsense.

TLA will give you share 50/50. They use 50% for handling, scheduling serving, billing, etc. Of course, you will get 50% net income.

If you have high page rank blog, you may sell some link at this site. The buyer wants to link so they will get high page rank too. Some testimonies say that the links is great for increasing the traffic.

If your blog has low page rank, you can make money with affiliate program. You will get $ 25 every person who buy link in Text Links Ads. Some top affiliate could gain $ 1000 per month. TLA determines ads price for your site. The price is base on your site’s traffic, link popularity and topic of your blog. For example, my blog just has PR 2 and TLA offers $ 10 for a link monthly. I though, if I had a blog with pagerank 5, I would get more than ten bucks monthly.

The payment of TLA is first of every month. The minimum payment for check is $ 25. If you have Paypal, there is no minimum payment. You can receive payment from Payoner, Paypal, check and TLA voucher. Unlike other payment, TLA voucher is not cash payment, which is able to buy link in TLA with TLA voucher. You can get 15 % discount from TLA. For example, if you earn $ 1000, you will get credit $ 1150 in TLA voucher.

The strong of text ad link that you can choose the ads. Sometimes we do not like forbidden site at our blog or site. We can refuse the ads.

How to get money from text links ads?

  1. You can open TLA account free. You just need free e-mail to participate this site. In 24 hours, TLA will answer your request.
  2. You should have a blog or website with high page rank minimal PR 2. You may use blog, which is allowed for business.
  3. Campaign your link through TLA Describe your blog profile and the author profile. Make sure to give right URL.
  4. Install or plugin code at your blog TLA provides HTML plugin for Blogspot, Wordpress theme, Joomla, Drupal, etc. If your blog is different with these platforms, you may add the link manually. For example, TLA does not provide HTML for typepad.com, Sop you can add manually the link.
You can put the link after TLA inform you through e-mail.
What you should notice
  1. Use blog that compatible for business such as blogspot. A wordpress.com blog is not compatible with TLA because wordpress forbid any business activity. . Alternatively, you may build blog or website.
  2. Some blogger reported about the decreasing page rank. Therefore, you should have high rank page. I suggest you have a blog with pagerank four. You should increase the blog’s pagerank before participate at TLA. 
  3. If you do not like to put a link from TLA market, you might reject it.
  4. Limit your link up to 20. Google does not like to link farmer who build website for fertilize other website or blog.
  5. Put text link ads with Google Adsense in one page is allowed. You will get money both from Adsense and text links ads.
  6. TLA charges you with high 50 % commission. If you feel it is too expensive, you should not sign up at TLA. 


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